SteriClean Industry

The economical usage of SteriClean Industry can depend on the chosen spraying technique. SteriClean Industry is a contact disinfectant that can be easily applied with traditional sprayer with misting nozzles in the following dosages:

Use SteriClean Industry for sterilization of surfaces, tanks, containers and equipment. Before applying SteriClean Industry pre-wash and clean all surfaces from heavy dust, and wait till hot surfaces cool off. Apply 25% concentration for bactericide effect, while at 80% concentration for fungicide effect at room temperature. SteriClean Industry has to be evenly sprayed in 30-80 micron drop size on the surface. If traditional sprayers are available, then for the best and economical usage equip your sprayer with misting nozzles. SteriClean Industry can be applied on plastic, tile, ceramics, glass, stainless steel, marble, granite and Teflon or on any chlorine resistant surfaces.

Cold fogging
The purpose of cold fogging is to create 10-30 micron sized aerosol drops, that float in the air. These aerosol drops fill up the air completely and stay there for hours in a sealed room, while perfectly covering all surfaces inside. Cold fogging enables full sterilization of air and all surfaces without any moisture or drop formation; after the treatment everything stays dry. Compared to traditional sprayers cold fogging saves 96% water and increases efficiency.

For sterilization of air use 4 litres/1.000 m3 SteriClean Industry undiluted to prevent and control air diseases in cold stores, warehouses and any food industrial facilities. The cooling system has to be set to normal mode and the ventilation must be closed prior to application. Treated premises can be utilized after 30 minutes of exposure time. The use of the product is harmless and simple; it does not impose any specific professional or technical requirements.