SteriClean Plant

The economical usage of SteriClean Plant can depend on the chosen spraying technique. SteriClean Plant is a contact disinfectant that can be easily applied with traditional sprayer with misting nozzles or with cold fogging machine in the following dosages:

To improve the general condition of vegetables, fruits and grape apply 10 liters of SteriClean Plant per hectare mixed in 100 – 250 liters water, and spray evenly on plants’ surface while achieving full coverage. We recommend 10% dilution in case of motorized mist blowers or backpack sprayers. Apply SteriClean Plant in the early or late hours of the day; avoid strong sunshine and heavy winds! Before mixing it with other chemical pesticides or fertilizers complete a miscibility test.

Cold fogging
The purpose of cold fogging is to create 10-30 micron sized aerosol drops, that float in the air. These aerosol drops fill up the air completely and stay there for hours in a sealed room, while perfectly covering all surfaces inside. Cold fogging enables full sterilization of air and all surfaces without any moisture or drop formation; after the treatment everything stays dry. Compared to traditional sprayers cold fogging saves 96% water and increases efficiency.

With the usage of cold fogging machine application dosage of SteriClean Plant can be reduced to 5 liters per hectare undiluted. Apró Csepp Kft., our specialized partner in cold fogging technology can provide you with all kinds of sprayers and foggers.