SteriClean Soil

Disperse 5 l/hectare SteriClean Soil microbiological conditioner evenly on the soil and turn into the depth of sowing or planting. The agent should be mixed in 100 - 300 liters chlorine-free water and sprayed with field dispersing machine in the early or late hours of the day, in order to protect the microorganisms from strong sunshine. Also avoid heavy winds! Before mixing it with other chemical pesticides or fertilizers complete a miscibility test. It can be mixed and handled with preparations without bactericide or fungicidal effect.

Recommended dosage of SteriClean Soil:

  • Soil treatment of crops: 10 l/hectare
  • Soil treatment of vegetables: 10 l/hectare
  Before plantation General soil treatment
Vineyard soil treatment 20-30 l/hectare 10 l/hectare
Orchard soil treatment 30-40 l/hectare 10 l/hectare
Garden soil treatment 30-40 l/hectare 10-20 l/hectare