SteriClean Industry is colorless, mildly acidic liquid with pH 3 value and a strong chlorine smell. It contains potassium hypochlorite, potassium chloride, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide and ozone substances. Due to an innovative electrochemical technique the mentioned substances change into particles that have high oxidation-reduction potential. This gives SteriClean Industry a superior sporicidal and biocidal activity; bacteria, fungi and algae are destroyed physically through instant oxidation, which means that microorganisms cannot develop resistance against the disinfectant solution. SteriClean products are completely safe and non-hazardous to humans and to environment.

Since SteriClean products are electrochemically activated substances, they utilize the different charge between the microorganisms and the solution. SteriClean destroys microorganisms as follows:

  1. The membrane of microbes is negatively charged, while SteriClean consists of positively charged molecules.
  2. The positively charged SteriClean molecules are attracted to the negatively charged membranes of microbes.
  3. Once SteriClean contacts the microbe, it deactivates structural and metabolic membrane proteins, which leads to instant microbial death.

This mechanism takes the advantage of microbes’ physical weaknesses, which results in a rapid, efficient and environmental friendly process.

The following picture illustrates the mechanism of SteriClean where the positively charged SteriClean reacts with the negatively charged microorganism, through which an instant oxidization, namely sterilization takes place.