SteriClean Plant

SteriClean Plant is an effective contact plant conditioner. We recommend it for cultivation of vegetables, fruits and crops. SteriClean Plant enhances overall the conditions of plant, moreover:

  • increases the size of plant
  • enlarges the foliage surface
  • raises the number of blossoms
  • gives higher yield
  • boosts size and weight of berries and bunches

Vegetables, fruits and grape can be treated even before vintage, since it does not enter living tissues, no chemical substances remain, re-entry time and food safety time is 0 day.

SteriClean Plant is colorless, mildly acidic liquid with pH 3 value and a strong chlorine smell. It contains potassium hypochlorite, potassium chloride, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide and ozone substances. Due to an innovative electrochemical technique the mentioned substances change into particles that have high oxidation-reduction potential.

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