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SteriClean in orchard
SteriClean in greenhouse
SteriClean for vegetables
SteriClean in vineyard

Why to use SteriClean?

SteriClean Plant is an effective plant conditioner, while SteriClean Industry is perfect for sterilization of agricultural equipments and facilities, whereas SteriClean Soil microbiological product successfully reduces the living space of underground pests.

SteriClean product family can be applied in the following areas:

  • enhancing the overall condition of vegetables, fruit and grape plantations
  • increasing the yield of fruits and vegetables
  • sterilization of warehouses, silos, tanks, containers, pipe systems, etc.
  • disinfection of equipment and areas, stables, kennels used for animal keep
  • disinfection of air and binding dust particles
  • sterilization of drinking-water, swimming pools, wells and fountains