SteriClean Soil

SteriClean Soil plant conditioner

SteriClean Soil kannaSteriClean Soil microbiological conditioner is perfectly suitable to eliminate the living conditions of underground pests while being non-hazardous to the environment. We recommend it for soil treatment of crops, vegetables, fruits and grape. SteriClean Soil enhances overall the conditions of plant, moreover:

  • increases the size of plant
  • enlarges the foliage surface
  • raises the number of blossoms
  • gives higher yield
  • boosts size and weight of berries and bunches

According to our field researches on crops, vegetables and vineyards, SteriClean Soil effectively reduces the living space of underground pests. These researches showed that SteriClean Soil creates such an uncomfortable living condition to larvas, grubs, wireworms that their number significantly falls.

SteriClean Soil microbiological product contains Beauveria bassiana hyperparasite fungus that multiplies in its natural habitat in the soil and forces out underground pests. As a result, plant roots can grow undisturbed. The application of SteriClean Soil is advised in early autumn and early spring time in two steps.

SteriClean Soil research 1. part


SteriClean Soil reserch 2. part