SteriClean Farm

SteriClean Farm disinfectant

SteriClean Farm kannaSteriClean Farm is a contact bactericide, fungicide and virucide disinfectant used for disinfecting livestock facilities, equipments, stables and maintaining their hygiene. Furthermore, reduction of the concentration of air pollutant gaseous (ammonia, odor) components in stables, as well as the concentration of solid respiratory (airborne) dust is also achieved with the disinfectant effect.

Antimicrobial spectrum: bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal effect
Product type 3, disinfectant, liquid concentrate
  • non toxic, safe to use
  • immediate results without chemical remains
  • broad anti-microbiological spectrum (bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal)
  • During treatment, animals can stay in the closed area.
  • Users: For professional use.
  • Qualification, hazard symbol: Not classified as dangerous, not subject to marking.
  • Not subject to ADR regulations

Dosage, application: Based on the microbiological spectrum of SteriClean Farm, it has a bactericidal and fungicidal effect by preparing an 80% solution and a virucidal effect by preparing a 100% solution with a 30-minute contact time.

Before disinfecting surfaces, floors, equipment and livestock vehicles, clean them and wait until the hot surfaces cool down, then spray the agent on the surface to be treated at a 100% concentration or in a concentration corresponding to the disinfection, then let the product to act. After the contact time has elapsed, the remainder of the agent must be removed from the treated surface, with the exception of a floor, by thorough rinsing with drinking water. 
It can be used on plastics, tiles, ceramics, glass, stainless steel, marble, granite, glass ceramic, Teflon and other chlorine-resistant surfaces.

Disinfection of stables and livestock vehicles can be easily performed with a cold mist machine at a dose of 5 ml/m3, while with a conventional sprayer at a dose of 10 ml/m3 can easily be carried out at 100% concentration, even with difficult to access surfaces. After the start of treatment, the cooling and heating system must be operated in normal operation, with closed ventilation, for proper air mixing.

In case of indoor air treatment, use a cold mist forming machine to deliver the disinfectant at a dose of 2-4 ml/m3 at 100% concentration in a closed area. During treatment, animals can stay in the closed area.



Disinfection of pig farm with SteriClean Farm: