• immediate effect
  • non-toxic
  • no chemical remains
  • no resistance can develop
  • not systemic
  • re-entry time: 0 day
  • food safety time: 0 day
  • allowed in organic farming
  • water soluble

Product specific advantages:

SteriClean Plant
To improve the general condition of vegetables, fruits and grape apply 10 liters of SteriClean Plant per hectare mixed in 100 – 250 liters water.

SteriClean Industry
SteriClean Industry is a contact bactericide and fungicide disinfectant used in every field of food industry, in health care and in social facilities. It perfectly disinfects all surfaces, containers, tanks, equipment and sterilizes the air in warehouses, cold storages and buildings.

SteriClean Industry can be applied undiluted without the risk of overdosing. No chemical substances or odor remain on the application surface.

SteriClean Soil
SteriClean Soil microbiological conditioner dispersed on the soil and turned in drastically reduces the living space of underground pests while being non-hazardous to the environment. According to our researches SteriClean Soil creates such an uncomfortable living condition to larvas, grubs, wireworms that their number significantly falls.