SteriClean Industry

SteriClean Industry disinfectant

SteriClean Industry kannaSteriClean Industry is a contact bactericide, fungicide and virucide disinfectant used in every field of food industry, in health care and in social facilities.  We advise SteriClean Industry biocide product with the following advantages:

  • broad anti-microbiological spectrum
  • immediate results without chemical remains
  • non toxic, safe to use
  • re-entry and food safety time is 0 day

The broad anti-microbiological spectrum of SteriClean Industry provides bactericidal effect at 25% concentration, fungicidal effect at 80% dosage while virucidal effect at 100% dosage. It perfectly disinfects all surfaces, containers, tanks, equipment and sterilizes the air in warehouses, cold storages and buildings. 


The treated surface has to be evenly covered with SteriClean Industry in 10-50 micron size, which can be achieved by cold fogging machine or by traditional sprayer with misting nozzles. Cold fogging machine allows SteriClean Industry to be pulverized and sprayed in a form of a thick and disinfecting fog that fills up the air completely without any moisture or drop formation.

In case of fruits and vegetables stored in warehouses or in cold storages, apply 5 litres/1.000 m3 SteriClean Industry undiluted with cold fogging machine to protect goods against germs spread in air and to prolong their storage life. The product also eliminates acute mold colonies on walls of cellars, storage facilities, barrels or equipments. We recommend a monthly treatment to control mold and maintain high level of hygiene. Treated premises can be utilized after 30 minutes of exposure time.

SteriClean Industry is colorless, mildly acidic liquid with pH 3 value and a strong chlorine smell. It contains sodium hypochlorite, sodium chloride, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide and ozone substances. Due to an innovative electrochemical technique the mentioned substances change into particles that have high oxidation-reduction potential.

Application of SteriClean Industry: